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Press Releases

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2002 Archives

Nov 11, 2002
November 11, 2002
Nov 7, 2002
Strategic Relationship Results in Interoperable Standard Product Solutions, Increasing Flexibility and Reducing Time-to-Market for Customers
Nov 6, 2002
Xilinx Low-Cost Spartan-II FPGAs Provide Siemens With Cost Effective Alternative to ASICs
Nov 4, 2002
Company Delivers on Promised 'Serial Tsunami' Initiative with New Design Solutions and Training to Help Designers Cut System Costs
Nov 4, 2002
New Solution Expands 'Serial Tsunami' Initiative Designed to Accelerate Industry Adoption of Serial Connectivity
Nov 4, 2002
Demonstrates Advantages of Combining Programmable 3.125 Gbps Serial Transceivers and Immersed PowerPC in Virtex-II Pro Platform FPGAs
Oct 31, 2002
The New Cores Exceed a Data Rate of 155 Mbps to Enable Designers To Increase Performance While Decreasing System Cost
Oct 31, 2002
Xilinx Chief DSP Architect to Present at the SDR '02 Conference and Product Exposition
Oct 31, 2002
New Kit Supports MicroBlaze in Spartan Series of FPGAs - an Ideal Solution For Cost-Sensitive Applications
Oct 28, 2002
New C-Based System Design Methodology More Than Triples Potential FPGA User-Base by Enabling Both Software and Hardware Engineers to Develop Programmable Systems
Oct 28, 2002
New Kit Combines Familiar Embedded Design Methodologies with Innovative HW-SW Design Tools for Virtex-II Pro PowerPC and MicroBlaze Embedded Processors
Oct 21, 2002
Protocol Accelerates Broad Serial Connectivity Trend Dubbed 'Serial Tsunami' By Simplifying High-Speed I/O Design
Oct 21, 2002
Company Expands IQ Solutions Offerings With Spartan-II FPGAs And CoolRunner CPLDs
Oct 21, 2002
Initiative to Accelerate Broad Adoption of High-Speed Serial I/O Solutions To Drive Down System Costs, Keep Pace with Current and Future Bandwidth Requirements
Oct 21, 2002
Xingu-Based CarCube Provides Automotive OEMs With a High-Performance, Flexible And Cost-Effective Design for In-Car Multimedia Infotainment Systems
Oct 18, 2002
What: Convergence 2002
Oct 16, 2002
Xilinx Virtex-II Series FPGAs Boost Processor Emulation Board Performance By over 50%
Oct 16, 2002
2D-Fabric Provides Glueless Interface to Xilinx MicroBlaze Soft Processor, Embedded Virtex-II Pro IBM PowerPC Processors, and IBM CoreConnect Bus
Oct 16, 2002
High Performance Solution Delivers State-of-the-Art Performance and Port Count In Industry's Most Powerful FPGAs
Oct 15, 2002
Cadence, MTI, Synopsys and Verplex Leverage Technology to Reduce PLD Development Costs
Oct 8, 2002
Italtel Turns to Xilinx to Develop Its Newest Reconfigurable Public Switching System
Oct 7, 2002
Industry-First Solution Provides Complete Debug Capabilities with Deep External Trace Storage, Accelerates Time to Market for Advanced FPGA-Based Systems

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