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Press Releases

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2002 Archives

Dec 23, 2002
Xilinx Teams with Alcohol Countermeasure Systems in Development of a Low-Cost Personal Alcohol Breath Tester Just in Time for the Holidays
Dec 23, 2002
Charter Members Dell, HP, Sun Microsystems Offer Programmable Logic and System Designers Scalable, High-Performance Workstation Support for Xilinx ISE 5.1i Design Environment
Dec 19, 2002
Popular SPI-4.2 Interconnect Standard Running at 2.5Gbps Can Now Be Implemented on Cost Effective -4 Virtex-II Speed Grades
Dec 18, 2002
Technology Leadership Delivers Significantly Smaller Die Than Competing FPGAs
Dec 18, 2002
PLD Industry's Most Popular Soft Processor Solution Exceeds 19,000 Users
Dec 16, 2002
Investment in 90nm Will Enable Xilinx to Drive Down Pricing to Under $25 For 1M FPGA Gates for its Next-Generation Devices
Dec 16, 2002
IBM First Foundry in the World to Receive Tape-Out on 90nm from Xilinx; Next-Generation Xilinx FPGAs Planned for Volume Production Next Year
Dec 12, 2002
Event Included Tribute to Xilinx Co-Founder, Bernard Vonderschmitt, for His Significant Contributions to the Fabless Business Model
Dec 10, 2002
Backplane Basics: From PCI to Serial Switched Fabrics
Dec 6, 2002
Emulex Corporation Uses Xilinx Virtex-II FPGAs to Deliver and Demonstrate 10G Technology
Dec 3, 2002
Leading-Edge Xilinx Platform FPGAs Enable Dynamic Reprogramming of Tarari's Content Processing Acceleration Solutions
Dec 2, 2002
Online Forum Slated for December 18th to Explore Opportunities and Challenges Of Designing Multi-Gigabit Systems at Speeds Ranging From 1Gbps to 10Gbps and Beyond
Nov 26, 2002
Enhanced Multiplier Macros Enable Easy Development of 285MHz Real-Time Processing Systems
Nov 25, 2002
Company Delivers Ml300 Evaluation Platform Products for the Industry's Only FPGA with PowerPC™ Processors and 3.125 Gigabit per Second Serial Transceivers
Nov 19, 2002
Solution Uses Alpha Data's ADM XPL Board to Implement the RapidIO Processor Solution
Nov 18, 2002
Industry's Most Successful ASIC-Alternative Targets New Applications With 600K System Gates and Lowest Cost Per Pin of Any FPGA Solution
Nov 18, 2002
Industry's Only On-Line Resource Dedicated to Accelerating All Phases Of Product Development for Professional Video Broadcast Applications
Nov 12, 2002
Xilinx-Enabled PhatBox Stores Thousands of Digital Media Files Providing Users With Hundreds of Hours of Digital Audio Playback
Nov 12, 2002
Free Design Kit Provides Potential Engineers with Fast and Easy Way To Discover the Advantages of High-Performance Low-Power Xilinx CPLDs

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